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Leverage Calendar Events to Your Advantage! Next Up: Tax Season…

Leverage Calendar Events to Your Advantage!
Next Up: Tax Season…

Email Marketing Tax Season

As all email marketers know by now, there are certain times of the year when your clients are more likely to purchase and, as such, you increase your email marketing frequency to ensure you get your fair share of the spending pie. These times include the obvious: Christmas, Black Friday, New Year’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. etc., but have you paid any mind to some of the lesser known (or leveraged anyway) calendar events? Perhaps, tax season?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Tax Season? Why on Earth would tax season be a good time to increase my marketing?”

I’ll tell you why. For some of us, tax season is met with bills and regret, but for a large portion of us, tax season is actually tax RETURN season and we find ourselves with a nice little chunk of expendable cash weighing down our wallets, burning a hole in our pockets.

Now, your potential customers could go out and purchase the newest big screen TV or the latest gaming system. Heck, they could even go put a down payment on a new car, the possibilities are endless. But, you know what is interesting about nearly all of those scenarios? They are almost always impulsive buys? Why not steer your customer’s impulses towards your product or services with a simple email campaign?

Well, obviously you can see how this is a great technique for seasonal events like tax season, but there is still cost associated with any marketing program… right?

For a limited time, mailPlants is offering a 30-day free trial paired with decreased pricing on all of our accounts, no credit card or commitment needed. Additionally, we are going to provide you with several tax-season oriented email templates to make your lives even easier and limited consultation at no cost.

Want to learn more, give us a call at (949) 892-5180 or shoot us an email at contact [at] mailplants [dot] com.

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