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Email Marketing Tips: Getting The Subscriber to Click

Get Your Subscribers to Click

Email Marketing Tips: Getting The Subscriber to Click

You may think that an email newsletter has to be content rich and engage your reader, which is true in most cases. But it’s also important to remember that your main goal is not to just have people read your email and then delete it — your goal is to make them click a link that leads to your website. Here are a few simple suggestions for how to convince your email subscriber to not only read your newsletter, but to actually click the link inside.

Just Post a Snippet

Many email marketers include blog posts as the feature item in their newsletters. But if you post your entire blog post in an email, what incentive does someone have to click to your website? They have received the information they wanted, and now they can move onto other things.

It’s best to just post a short snippet — include a paragraph or two of your blog post and then provide a link to the rest of the post. Make sure that the excerpt you include is interesting and engaging because you have about three seconds to grab the attention of your email subscriber before he clicks the “delete” button, or worse, the “unsubscribe” link.

An Irresistible Offer

One way to get someone motivated to click to your website is to give her an offer that is almost impossible to resist. Fast food chains employ this strategy every time they offer a menu item for just $1 — they know that this irresistible offer will bring people in the door. Entice your email subscriber with something similar — present a great deal that they can’t pass up. Make sure that it is something that the reader really wants or need, whether it is a product or important information.

Make them Laugh or Smile

One way to grab a prospect’s interest is to make him laugh or smile. A number of email marketers have found success by hiring humor writers to compose their newsletter messages. People love to laugh, and when they do they want to laugh some more, thus they’re more likely to click your link to see what else you have to say (or sell). So try a “feel-good” approach to your email messages that will entice readers to click your links.

Keep these strategies in mind as you embark on your email marketing campaign if you want to get more clicks. With time and practice you will soon find something that works for your unique business.


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