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Another Email Mistake…What Should I Do?


Another Email Mistake…What Should I Do?

Mistakes happen all the time, it’s human nature to make a mistake. In the email-marketing world it isn’t uncommon to come across a few typos here and there because it’s normal and everyone accepts it. When you encounter a mistake, it’s important for you to realize that it isn’t a big deal, so relax and don’t panic. Some people feel incline to send out an apology, but you may want to think about that before doing so. Nobody likes being bombarded with multiple emails, even for a mistake, it’s just un-cool and can result in a loss of subscribers.

Here are a few steps you can take away if you ever make a mistake:

Evaluate and Assess the Situation

Take a second or two and see what kind of damage has been done. You need to process how bad your mistake was and what type of measure you’ll need to take in order to fix it.

It’s always great to ask yourself a few questions like:

What was the size of the email list? Am I able to catch the mistake before it becomes a bigger problem? How big was the actual mistake? Is it really that detrimental for our company? What type of mistake was it? Was it a minor typo or misspelling? Or was the date for an event marked wrong?

All these questions are things you should consider when assessing the situation. Sending a follow-up for a typo can be a bit annoying, so you should probably just move on from there and prevent it from happening again. An error in pricing or adding the wrong date for an event could hurt you in terms of numbers and clients, so a follow-up in this case would be best for both parties.

It’s Now Time for Us to Respond

Once the problem has been appraised, you must come up with a way to respond.

With a follow-up email, be sure to be:

Quick – a quick response can be great in case the subscriber hasn’t opened the blundered email

Clear – the subject line should clearly state the reason for the second email

Apologetic – inform your subscriber of the mistake and apologize for any sort of inconvenience

Accommodating – if you can’t give what you offered earlier, be sure to reward them with an option you can afford

Another Email Mistake...What Should I Do? Keep Track of the Impact

After evaluating the situation, and whether you took action or not, you should be sure to see what kind of impact your error has made. Keeping track of your recipients’ responses will give you an idea of what needs to be done:

Opens & Clicks – there is always the possibility that your normal rate of open and clicks might have dropped due to your error.

Conversions – are conversions of the email at where your team expected it to be or are they lower?

Unsubscribing – Has the rate increased since the posting, maybe what you’ve don so far has kept it low. It would be a good idea to keep an eye on it.

Compare – make a comparison between the follow-up email and the original, statistics always help.

Prevent the “Oops” From Becoming an “Oops

the chances of spotting a spelling mistakeAs cliché it may sound, it’s best if you proofread your work. Once you write the email, be sure to look it over not just once, but at least twice before you think it’s final. It would be an excellent idea to get a second opinion on it before you send it out. Having another person look over your message can prevent a mistake from occurring again. A great way to check is by sending the email to your self. This will allow you to see if the copy makes sense, if the links are working and if your images are displayed correctly as you want it.

Here are some content-saving strategies:

  •  Use Word for your emails, that way autocorrect can help with your typos
  •  Be sure to read each word aloud and clear

Mistakes are going to happen, they are the inevitable.

The key is to keep them to a minimum.

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