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Don’t Go Extinct With Your Marketing Techniques

Don’t go extinct with your marketing techniques

Don’t go extinct with your marketing techniques

When it come to internet marketing, it’s a dog eat dog world out there. And if you’re like most, you’re just trying to survive the mayhem, and avoid extinction. But what can you do about it? Fear not! There are some “biological” changes that are making old marketing strategies nonexistent. Using these tools and techniques, we must adapt to the ever changing environment, in order to fight off becoming outdated, or worse, being considered irrelevant!

So you may be thinking to yourself, “what are the process and leading marketers doing to stay relevant?” Consider the following aspects:

Social networking: We live in a world where we are all connected through the Internet. With that, you have to take advantage of all the tools disposable to you in order to engage with your consumers. Engage, not just in the old school one way broadcast of a message but in a two conversation. Using tools like Twitter and Facebook, a marketer can make one on one connections with customers were never before possible.

Mobile running: Not only are we all connected, but we can be connected to one another anywhere we go through almost any device. It’s both a really convenient way to extract information and connect with your customers on a geographic micro scale. Ex: Local stores can offer coupons and special on Foursquare to draw in new customers who are with in there geographical area.

Don’t go extinct with your marketing techniquesThe active customer: Customer’s today don’t wait to be offered things, they search and take whatever they can. Customers also make recommendations to their friends, are quick to whip out criticisms. A marketer of this new world has to be aware of all forms of communication and be ready to fight back.

With all this technology and information at any customers’ reach, what do they want businesses to offer?

They want to be well-informed and do business with companies that understand their interests. Businesses that can accommodate with haste and support. These new patterns have not only complicated marketing efforts, but also help generate an abundance of openings and chances to engage with consumers.

Statistics prove that 57 percent of consumers have a firm decision on a product before a salesperson is even involved. Marketers need to engage in sales at an earlier stage, the problem is knowing how and with what type of Intel. The only way to attain a competitive advantage is by reaching out to these newly involved customers.

It’s essential for you to present content that is relevant to the consumer with the right median, at the right moment, timing is where it matters. We call this “behavioral marketing”, and it’s what separates the winners from the losers. Here are three concepts that you should keep in mind in order to survive and thrive in the newly founded marketing world:

1) Construct a successful database: Marketers are always in need of consumer information, and with new developed analytics and tracking software, it has made this process much smoother. Drop the annoying static line for an updated data base that can track your contacts movement much easier, such as whether they clicked on your email, check out your new product page, or even responded.

2) Automatically take advantage: Statistics show that only about 5 percent of businesses use automated marketing software for their company. This gives you a unique opportunity to be ahead of the competition by linking a diligent archive with the power of marketing automation. Using the technology correctly, you’ll be able to provide the correct content for the ideal contacts with an automated route that will go down the right paths depending on the consumers’ action and behavior.

content is king3) Create content, relevant content: The one thing that will ultimately differentiate you from your competitors in the marketing world is the content that you provide, and whether that it is relevant will guarantee business. Combine the previous premises with relevant content and you’ll be sure to deliver a persuasive pitch. Think about it, you can offer content based on each individual’s buying habits, product preferences, and spending limits. Behavioral marketing pushes relevant content, which enhances engagement, which will eventually increases returns.

Nature seems to be paving a digital path for self-serve consumers, which means marketing skills need to evolve for this newly ushered era. Find the best-suited technology and strategy, and you’ll be warmly welcomed to be a part of the buyer journey. Timing is what will help you identify consumer habits with ease, spot trends and patterns.

Embrace the power of interactive marketing and astound the challenges of sales and development of marketing.

The way of the dodo is a big fat no, no.

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