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Email Deception Sucks, So Don’t Use It…


Email Deception Sucks, So Don’t Use It…

So it’s been a long week and you finally get home from work on a Friday afternoon and you check your email. You scroll through aimlessly with not a care in the world, mainly just glad that it’s the weekend. Then you come across an email’s subject line saying, “FREE BEER CLICK NOW!” Could it be? A business that is offering free beer…at their own expense?

It sounds hard to believe, but hey it’s America, the land of opportunity so you take your chances and click on the email. As you wait you can just taste the coldness that’ll quench your thirst and just can’t wait for that pale ale, but any free beer is good beer so the type really doesn’t matter to you.

Suddenly your excitement turns into pure frustration, you realized you’ve been tricked into spam. The email isn’t even about beer, instead they’re asking you if you want to purchase cooking utensils for a discounted price. It’s not even free, so why bother.

Easy Contact ManagementThat scenario was completely made up, and I think you know where I’m going with this. It’s not all that far from the truth when it comes to email marketing and subject lines. There is a huge difference between producing a creative subject line and a deceptive subject line. It’s not only down right immoral and disgusting, but it’s also illegal.

I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t like to go to jail, so I would strongly advise you not to create a deceiving subject line.

So how do you create a subject line that’s creative and totally legal? How can you generate more leads and conversions? You can start by considering the following:

1. Earn you clients’ trust

You should avoid doing anything fancy with your subject lines until you earn your subscribers’ trust. Get to know your customers first, see what they like and their habits with the way they conduct business with you. Understanding your customers is an excellent start to your creativeness.

2. Test your creativity versus your average subject line

This is a sort of continuation with the first suggestion, be sure you’re able to test your subject lines. If you’ve been sending the same type of subject line for years, the kind that your customers are familiar with, avoid doing a 180 because they may take it the wrong way. In some cases they might begin to unsubscribe from you if your creativity isn’t what they appreciate. Instead, test these new, creative subject lines to a smaller portion of your email list and see how they respond.

3. Draw interest with the subject line and finish with a bang.

A convincing subject line can be the difference between a subscriber opening your email and marking it as spam. Of course if they don’t open your email, it can be slightly difficult for your subscriber to click the link you sent. However, once someone has opened your email, if aren’t able to “woo” the subscriber with the content you provided, well then the subject line is irrelevant.

What examples do you have of creative email subject lines? Which ones drew interest from you?

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