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Your Emails Need To Be URGENT!


Your Emails Need To Be URGENT!

Here’s a hypothetical situation, if I told you that this article would be removed in the next 12 hours, would you be more inclined to read it? People don’t want to feel left out. When it’s gone you’re probably thinking to yourself what is going to be next? Will it be a secret email marketing tactic?

It’s all psychological

urgentIt’s not a bad thing to be curious, it’s human nature to be curious. Especially when using some of the strongest basic ethics of psychology, such as: mystery, promise of value and urgency. Psychology is what helps us explain the behavior of people, their interest and buying behavior. It’s perfect for marketing, especially these days where persuasion tactics are everything. Being able to convince consumers to do something is so vital and you can use these to benefit your own email marketing.

Who knows, maybe this blog post will go away, save it just in case.

Urgent matters

One of the best persuasion tactics that is very effective is creating a sense of urgency. If there is ever a sense of urgency in your emails, clicks and conversions are more than likely to occur. In some cases, the “last chance” approach will easily out perform a regular email. It’s also something sensitive, and people can be put off if it seems to be unauthentic. That is why I think you should strategically place it and know when to use it:

1. The less often, the better

The use of urgency goes hand in hand with trust. Use it too much and your unreal deal will literally become unreal. For example, you don’t want to send email saying 10% discount this week only, and next week there is an email with a 50% discount, talk about a low blow. Recipients have good memory for those types of things, especially when you mix urgency with money too often, and in the end it won’t work anymore.

2. On special days

Consumers are always looking for deals on special days. Holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving are perfect excuses for customers to spend big for themselves. It’s almost natural to see special promotions around these days. With that make use of the marketing calendar.

3. Limited and exclusive, so don’t miss out!

The fear of missing out is a way to increase urgency, consumers want to be part of an exclusive group that encompass something that others don’t. If you think about it, if you say that there are only 1000 seats available for an event, wouldn’t people rush to be part of the special group? It must be popular too, otherwise why would you state that? So this is a combination of indirect urgency and social proof.

A time to trigger

There is always a right time to sound urgent, you just have to perfect the timing. Try to setup emails beforehand and that are sent based on your subscriber’s actions. You might need to experiment a little, so test urgency for instance in your welcome emails, to encourage that your new subscribers engage quickly with your brand after they have signed up. Give them some sort of incentive to compliment their welcoming email.

Birthday emails also are a logical place to limit the time that they may be able to use the offer. Set a time limit, a week after their birthday, which allows you to send a reminder at the time in case the offer hasn’t been redeemed yet.

Sometimes a lot of brands lie about a deal being last day, while next week you see the same one coming by. I’m sure you’ve noticed it and even fell for it and it sucks right? While urgency works very well, be smart about because you might insult a subscriber and they just might stop doing business with you.

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