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How to Build a Customer Loyalty Program

How to Build a Customer Loyalty Program

Creating a VIP program for your most loyal customers is an excellent way to drive repeat business, build brand awareness and develop customer evangelists for your company. With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, now is a great time to implement a customer loyalty program or revamp your current strategy! Keep reading for our tips on how to build a custom VIP program that can increase your sales and make your consumers feel like royalty.

Building a customer loyalty program.

Develop an incentive. What do your customers want? This could be a percentage or dollar amount off of a sale, a free item, an entry into a sweepstakes- the possibilities are endless! Ask and listen to your customers through email, social media and your blog, and put yourself in their shoes. What would make you want to shout your brand’s name from the roof tops? Remember the ultimate, long-term initiative is to make your current customers brand advocates for your business!

Create a customer goal. In order to receive the incentive, your customers need to reach a certain goal or VIP status with your company. Again, the possibilities here could be endless and are best specific to your company and what your customers want. Perhaps a certain number of purchases, a certain dollar mount spent or bring social media into it with a certain number of check-ins or post shares. Make it attainable, and give your customers a way to track their progress. Think of it like a game, with an awesome prize at the end.

Set up a way to collect data. A customer loyalty program is great for your consumers, but also for you to collect more data about your best customers. Build in a way to find out more about your customers’ purchasing habits or how they interact with your brand. This could be through website forms, having to provide their email address for every purchase, or a card that you both can keep track of. If you are using forms, during the initial sign up phase only ask for the information that you absolutely need from your customers and in order to provide you with data. Asking for more could scare of potential participants!

Spread the love. Here comes the fun part- getting your customers to join your VIP program! Advertise its benefits through your email marketing, social media, in store promotions and anywhere else that people are interacting with your brand. Make sure to clearly relate program benefits, and what the specific goal or outcome can be for your customers. For example- if you are offering a percentage off after 10 purchases, show them how inexpensive they could get that new outfit when being a part of your program!

Be creative. There are many customer loyalty programs out there, so make sure yours has the unique benefits to truly drive customer adoption and repeat purchases. And if you find it’s not working as well as you’d like, don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board, reconnect with your customers, and find out what can be done better next time. Your current, loyal consumers are your most important asset- treat them like royalty to build the brand awareness that your business deserves!

Have you created a customer loyalty program for your business? Let us know what has worked or has not worked for your brand over on our Facbeook page!

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