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Email Wanted: Dead or Alive? – Infographic from Marketo

Email Wanted: Dead or Alive? – Infographic from Marketo

Social media bloggers love to pronounce the “death email” or predict its coming very soon. But clearly, that hasn’t been the case. Over 77% of consumers prefer to receive marketing materials through email, and the majority of companies planned to increase spending on email marketing this year. So what’s the deal with these “email is dead” rumors? Well email marketing is surely in an evolving state- and any marketers who are not doing so may find their former email marketing strategies “dead”. With the rise of intuitive, segmented email inboxes it is now more crucial than ever for email marketers to send highly relevant and engaging emails to their subscribers, and follow up with triggered or drip campaigns.

Want more proof that email is still on the rise? Check out this awesome infographic from the folks at Marketo to debunk the “email is dead” rumor once and for all:

Email Wanted Dead or Alive

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