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About Us

About mailPlants

About Us

mailPlants is email marketing… mobilized

Allow us to tell you something you already know: mobile is the wave of the future. Something you may not have known: more than 48% of emails are opened on a mobile device and that number is increasing at a rate of 132% per year.

Here’s another tidbit you probably already know: the email industry currently has a severe deficiency when it comes to mobile optimization. Hundreds of email service providers continue to compete for market share in a saturated market, yet none have addressed the fact that mobile viewing is where they should be focusing their energy

Enter mailPlants

Backed by the visionaries who brought Amail to South Korea back in 1998, mailPlants has access to the greatest email minds in the world along with the features they have spent almost two decades refining. You see, in Korea, mobile isn’t the future, it is the present and Amail has been the domestic leader in email marketing and mobile optimization for years. As such, mailPlants is coming to market with all of the innovative mobile features that the U.S. market is currently lacking, including: mP Viewer, mP Ping, and more.

But enough about our history; you want to know exactly what we are…

mailPlants is an email service provider focused on delivering an intuitive tool that is easy to use for marketers of all levels. While our focus is on mobile optimization, we are dedicated to providing the email marketing features that enable our clients to achieve the results they expect from their valuable email campaigns. We will provide you with the features, delivery, and reporting you deserve while constantly listening to your feedback to improve your experience.

Care to learn more? We don’t blame you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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