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System Architect

Software Engineering Manager / System Architect

mailPlants.com is looking for a system architect to develop the blueprints for and oversee the production of a new comprehensive email marketing platform.

mailPlants is an emerging email provider focused on mobile optimization. Offering a mobile suite of features that is currently unavailable to the American market and the technological and financial backing of Korea’s largest email provider, mailPlants is poised to make a huge splash in a short amount of time.

Job Description

This position will own the entire development process and will be required to recruit, hire, and manage a team of developers to accomplish their vision.

1. Develop, plan, and execute the blueprints for a comprehensive email marketing platform
2. Plan, recruit, and develop team of developers to execute your blueprint
3. Take ownership of the entire development process, motivating and holding the development team accountable for timelines and quality of work
4. Ensure code efficiency, cleanliness, and sustainability while also ensuring latest techniques, strategies, and thinking are used
5. Collaborate with industry experts and internal engineers to generate the most up to date platform that meets the requirements set in cooperation with management


1. Significant experience within the email marketing industry
2. Experience developing web applications built on distributed architecture (RESTful is preferred) and with modern front end technologies (Java, CSS, jQuery, Prototype, Dojo, etc.) in a “hands on” manner
3. Experience with quality assurance practices, techniques, and tools at all layers of the stack
4. Experience as a project manager and guide development processes in an agile environment
5. Experience leading and motivating an agile team is a must

Compensation Includes

Salary (DOE) + Health/Dental Benefits + Moving Expenses (to Orange County, CA)

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