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Mobile Features

Mobile Email Features – Mobilize your marketing effort with mailPlants


My email program is working… Why should I worry about mobile optimization?

  • 48% of emails are opened on a mobile device. That’s more than both desktop (33%) and webmail clients (19%) [Litmus (2013)]
  • If an email does not display correctly, 69.7% of users will delete it immediately [Blue Hornet (2012)]
  • 56% of consumers who have purchased through a mobile device have done so in response to mobile marketing [ExactTarget (2011)]
  • 90 million Americans access email through a mobile device, with 64% doing so on a near-daily basis [ComScore (2012)]



mP Viewer

With 48% of your emails being opened on a mobile device (and growing) mailPlants offers more than just workarounds and hacks. With mP Viewer, your subscribers will see an email that is optimized for their viewing device, and we’re not talking a responsive design workaround.

mP Viewer actually allows you to build two templates: one optimized for PC viewing and one optimized for mobile viewing. It then detects where your subscriber is opening the message and delivers the version that is optimized for their device. Pretty sweet huh?

Don’t have an mobile-optimized creative? No problem. Our team of experts can mobilize your current template for you… for a price. Learn more


features_mobi_img01mP Ping

It is said that ecommerce leads go cold within one hour. What if your customer has a question? What if they can’t find an answer? With mP Ping, you are directly connected to your customers to provide immediate feedback to their questions or concerns.

mP Ping appears as a button on your email allowing your customers to ask you a question via text message, which is then sent to your mailPlants’ mobile app immediately. You (or whoever you appoint) will then have the ability to respond to customer questions as quickly as they are received.

It’s that simple.



mP Event

Sending out event information? Want to make sure your customers remember? With mP Event, your event information will automatically be added to your customers’ Google calendars upon them clicking a simple link in your email.







mP Analytics

Did you know that 48% of marketers have no idea if their emails are being opened on a PC or on a mobile device? Well, you no longer need a partnership with an expensive analytics site to gain this insight. With mP Analytics, we will provide you with every stat you need to optimize your mobile strategy including what type of mobile device your customers are using.

All mP Analytics tools are also available on the mailPlants mobile app.

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